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Extending our Toy Hauler Garage Floor!

Updated: May 22, 2021

This has been a project we wanted to complete for months.  Now that we are sitting still for a short time, it was a great time to start knocking off the honey-do list.  For our vision of the bedroom in the garage space, this was a key project that needed to be done.

Our Toy Hauler has a ramp in the back 18 inches of the garage.  This makes it so the door on the outside lines up with the floor line if you are driving in an ATV or Motorcycle.  Since this is no longer a garage and no more need for a ramp, we wanted to level out the floor to have it as more functional space for us.

This turned out to be a simple project and instantly worth it! Adding 18 inches to a 12-foot room is a lot of ‘new space! Almost 12 sqft!

You can see how we did the whole project in the video we posted on YouTube!


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