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Upgrading our Rear View Camera

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The HaloView MC10 is a review mirror screen with a front-facing camera and wirelessly connects to a review facing camera.

The Rearview mirror replacement takes power from a cigarette lighter port and the camera is wireless to the screen but does require power to run.  Our cigarette lights do not turn off with the truck’s engine so they are always on.  I didn’t want the screen to always been on, and I didn’t want to get into modifying those fuses since I knew I could pull power from other sources.

We replaced the power cables for the screen to run off of our OBD2 port using this cable from Amazon.  This cable is great because you can choose if you want the camera on (and recording) all the time or just for 5 mins after the vehicle has been turned off.  It has been a solid solution or us and worked great.

We have had this camera installed for over a month now to really give it a full round of testing.  We have driven over 1500 miles with it and overall have been very pleased with it!

If you are looking for a backup camera that has a dashcam functionality this is a great option and worth reviewing!


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