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MeEt thE MurpHys

Meet Kris and Andy Murphy, the passionate duo behind @wherewildonesroam. Since embarking on our full-time RV journey across the US in 2018, we’ve been on a mission to explore every corner of the country with our kids. Our adventure has led us through all 48 contiguous states and over 30 National Parks, capturing the essence of family travel through our vivid storytelling, photography, and videography. We specialize in creating family-friendly, educational content that ranges from one-day National Park itineraries to in-depth guides on maximizing park visits. Our platform is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and inspirations for families yearning to explore the outdoors. At the heart of our journey is the belief that there are many versions of the American dream, and through our travels, we aim to inspire others to discover their own. Join us as we continue to roam, learn, and share the beauty of adventure with families around the world.


Hi, I’m Kris! My offbeat approach to life has helped my family live and learn, not from conventional methods, but from exposure and experiences. As an early educator of four years and a current homeschooler of three, I understand the importance of hands-on learning and honing in on natural curiosities. I’m now combining this educational background with my professional writing experience to encourage you to step into nature, learn something new and release your inner wild one.

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I am an enneagram 7, expressive driver, and a full-on tech-head! I love the journey, the travel, the adventures and pushing our limits to learn who we really are inside.
Growing up, I lived in Colorado, Florida, and Texas. We traveled in the summers in a bumper pull trailer, and those are some of my favorite memories! It has been a dream of a lifetime to take my family on this crazy adventure exploring the country. We have been to 40 states already, but I feel like we have so much we haven’t seen and done yet!

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