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Budget Friendly Laundry Set Up in your RV

Updated: May 22, 2021

We have loved this laundry set up. We have used it for 2 months at the time of posting this and it is performing exactly how we intended it to.

While doing laundry at a campground facility never has bothered us, with the change in world event in 2020, we felt it wise to make this move.  To our surprise, we have used the machines more than we thought we would!  Having the kids coming home caked in mud isn’t a big deal anymore because you just throw it in the wash!

We purchased everything off Amazon and they delivered directly to the campground we were staying at.  From there, we build the cabinet, created the vent system for the dryer, installed the machines, and its been great!

Now for the machines and links!


This is the washer we got.  I spent a ton of time researching these and I like this one for a few key reasons.

  1. Warm/hot water cycles

  2. ETA display

  3. 6 wash cycles

  4. Child lock (we use it as a cat lock)

  5. The hooks up fit perfectly (hot water, cold water, drain)


Here are the key reasons we like this dryer:

  1. Small in space, but big enough for any load we have

  2. Simple settings. high heat is the main one we use anyways

  3. Vented (I did not want an un-vented option

  4. Looks like something from space!


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