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The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass

Updated: May 22, 2021

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We earn a small commission when you use these links to purchase a course from RV Masterclass, Thanks for your support!

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with the experts at RV Masterclass to bring you the first-of-its-kind, THE READY TO ROADSCHOOL MASTERCLASS! Kris has been working tirelessly to bring you a course that is jam-packed with helpful advice, tools and resources to get you started on your roadschooling journey!

Ready to Roadschool Masterclass – The First of Its Kind

Have you been dreaming of a life full of adventure for your family, but you can’t figure out how to make it work around school schedules? What if we told you there was a way to unleash your freedom to educate in the great outdoors? Would you do it?

Making your dreams a reality can be tough, and too many times you’re left with the uncertainty of what to expect and a whole bunch of what-ifs. It’s time to take the next steps towards your dreams with confidence! That’s why we created the Ready to Roadschool Masterclass – to give you the knowledge, tools and resources to ease the transition from home life to road life. No matter how you travel or how long you will be traveling, we are getting you ready to roadschool!

What to Expect from the Masterclass

The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass is packed with video lessons, resources and a handy Ready to Roadschool Field Guide to guide you through the course. The course is broken down into five sections: Launching Into Roadschooling, Constructing a Successful Framework, Maintaining an Organized Atmosphere, Adventuring in the Great Outdoors and Finding Your “Roadie” Tribe.

The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass is a self-paced course that you can complete at your own convenience. In this course, Kris answers the biggest and most common questions most families have before embarking on their roadschooling journey. From understanding roadschooling terminology and the legalities of taking education on the road to finding the best roadschooling curriculum to taking advantage of opportunities available to traveling families and finding your roadie tribe, this course covers it all from ground zero to launch day!

As an RTR (Ready to Roadschool) student, you will also receive an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for the Roadschool Planner, the ultimate companion to your roadschool adventure. This is a full year, undated planner made by roadschoolers for roadschoolers, full of unique details such as maps to track your journey, road reads list, tracking travel days in your attendance log, travel specific touches throughout the entire planner, and more!

The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass is for YOU

The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass is geared toward families looking to incorporate adventure into their educational journey. Whether you are a current homeschooler looking to take a long road trip or a family looking to transition to a life on the road, this class is for you!

Does this sound like you and your family?

If you are a CURRENT HOMESCHOOLER, looking to add more adventure to your home education, the Ready to Roadschool Masterclass helps you prepare for epic educational road trips, implementing curriculum on the road, and taking advantage of educational opportunities through museums, National Parks and more along the way!

If you are looking to make a COMPLETE TRANSITION INTO FULL-TIME ROAD LIFE, easing the transition from home life to road life has never been easier when you complete the Ready to Roadschool course. Kris takes you through the process of launching into roadschooling and building a successful roadschool from the ground up. By the end of the class, you will be able to successfully launch into your roadschool adventures with confidence!

Ready to Roadschool? Get Started Today

The Ready to Roadschool Masterclass officially launched on September, 2020. RV Masterclass has provided two options for registering for this course: Ready to Roadschool Signature Course or Full-Time RV Family Starter Bundle. 

OPTION1: THE READY TO ROADSCHOOL SIGNATURE COURSE is available for $127.00, and is a great option for you if you are looking to implement roadschool into your travel routines. Learn more about the Ready to Roadschool course and to sign up today!

OPTION 2: THE FULL-TIME RV FAMILY STARTER BUNDLE includes TWO Signature Courses, Preparing to Full-Time RV AND Ready to Roadschool for $277. This bundle provides your family a one-stop-shop to get everything needed to transition and successfully launch into a full-time traveling lifestyle of your dreams! Learn more about the Full-Time RV Family Starter Bundle and to sign up today!

Meet Kris, Your Instructor

Kris Murphy has been roadschooling her two kids since 2018, but began home education in 2017. Her family lives full-time on the road, traveling and adventuring the United States. Her family has traveled to 42 states, visited over 50 National Parks and National Park Sites, and has stayed at hundreds of campgrounds nationwide. Kris brings a level of expertise to this course that is comprehensive and engaging. Kris is excited to bring students the Ready to Roadschool Masterclass to help students ease the transition from home life to road life!

Learn more about Kris on the Meet the Instructors page at RV Masterclass website.


If you have any questions about the Ready to Roadschool Masterclass,  please email us at To learn more about RV Masterclass, visit their website here.



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